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  • Chanson: Don't Ever Give Up
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Paroles Don't Ever Give Up de Too $hort

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Don't Ever Give Up Paroles

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[Too $hort]
Yeah you know, we always tryin to get this money, that's what we do
It ain't easy.. but I'm tellin you, it ain't hard either
All you gotta do is keep hustlin man, don't ever give up

I don't care what it is, handle yo' biz
Forget about the woulda, coulda, and if I did's
Cause that's just the past, you know it never lasts
And you know how time flies by so fast
Look at rap music, they said it was a fad
But now it's takin over, and I'm so glad
Cause I never stopped rappin, but that's what I do
If you quit yo' thang, you might never find the truth
I had choices in life, I coulda did somethin else
I did what I wanted to, I did it for myself
Now whatcha gon' do with yo' life
People try to tell you what to do, it's yo' life
You better make the most of it, live to the fullest
Think positive and don't dwell on the BULLSHIT
I can't tell you no better
If you thinkin 'bout quittin, don't ever

[Chorus: Too $hort]
Don't ever give up, I know it ain't workin
It's been a long time, you never stop tryin
But you can't quit, you gotta keep goin
You already knowin, you can't give up
Don't ever give up, give it all you got
It only gets better, never say never
You know you can't quit, you gotta keep goin
You already knowin, you can't give up, you just cain't!

[Too $hort]
Comin up is hard, givin up is easy
You always get the game from your homey Too Sheezy
I keep it so real, never spit it false
I hope you make it big and if you ever fall off
Remember these words, it's only what you make it
Anything is possible you want it better take it
I ain't talkin 'bout stealin, felonies'll ruin it
Stupid all I'm talkin 'bout is takin opportunities
Doors open up and when you get another chance
Either hold up the wall, or get out there and dance
It's on you, do what you wanna do
You know why everybody always punkin you
Talkin shit they know you're bluffin, won't do nothin
Sittin on the shelf like Stove Top Stuffin
I know you had enough and want to call it quits
Believe me, this ain't it


[Too $hort]
Isn't hard to see, use your eyes
It's time to tell the truth, cause we through witcha lies
Utilize all your steppin stones, gotta be prepared
Sittin 'round dreamin how you bout to be a player
The years and the time fly, you ain't even workin
Went by overnight you went from 18 to 30
Nothin goin on, never set a goal
Dreams can't come true, and now you gettin old
You start to represent, everything you hate
But don't give up, cause it's never too late
All you need is a plan, a purpose and a model
And quit livin life like you 'bout to hit the lotto
Get rich on your own, buy a new home
Keep your real friends, leave them haters alone
I see you when you get there, rollin to the bank
I know you cain't let go, I know you cain't

[Chorus] (minus first "don't")

[Too $hort]
Nah we can't give up, gotta keep hustlin for life baby
It's hard on the black man, tryin to get my stack together y'know?
Big thangs..

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