Paroles Love you like I did de 112

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  • Chanson: Love you like I did
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Textes et Paroles de Love you like I did

tell me whos gonna look at you
and love you for the person you are
tell me whos gonna understand
that sometimes you can take things too far
tell me whos gonna be there when
times are good and when they are bad
tell me whos gonna love you girl
the way i loved you

tell me whos gonna be right there
to wipe your tears whenever you cry
tell me whos gonna talk it out
to make sure everything is alright
tell me whos gonna call you on the telephone
when your all alone
tell me whos gonna love you girl

aint nobody gonna do the things i did
aint nobody gonna kiss the way i kiss
aint nobody gonna speak the way i speak
aint nobody gonna love you like i did....and
aint nobody gonna be the fool for you
aint nobody gonna open the doors for you
aint nobody going through what i went through
aint nobody gonna love you
love you like i did

anytime you needed a friend
girl i was right there for you
anytime you needed a love
but you could call on me for that too
there is nothing, nothing that i wouldnt do for you
tell me whos gonna love you girl
the way i loved you

everything you always wanted
girl you know i gave it to you
never had to worry cuz you knew
i would take care of you
and you may find, another man
but cant nobody love you
the way that i loved you


how could you do it, baby baby how could you
you did me wrong, treat me the way you did, you broke my heart
and how could you leave me, when you know i did,
i did everything for you
and you'll never find another man, to love you the way that i did
girl nobody...nobody...will love you just like me

(Chorus till fade)

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