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Textes et Paroles de The only one

Kim Ughh
Puff Yeah
Kim Ughh
Puff C'mon

Lil' Kim
Catch me in the spot, low C's in the drop
About half and ounce, the size of Zip-lock
Knockin' the new One-one-deuce
I wanna (intro)douce me and my old flame
And his name is Bruce
But blew my eye when his girl drove by
Told me bye then he winked his eye
I'm too Don fo' this, too fly to curse
Threw his jacket out first then BAM! Hit reverse

Oh, baby
You need to know
I've been in love
And I've never known love like this
I need to know
Just how you feel
Let me know if this love is real

(Refrain: x2)
I'm tired of wasting time on you
So tell me what you wanna do
Is it another man holding your hand?
Why is this a mystery?
Oh, baby can't you see?
Girl, you're the only one I'll ever want
The only one I'll ever need

Oh, baby I think it's time for us to grow
We've been friends now for far too long
The way you kiss, it turns me on
Let me know if you feel this strong

(au Refrain)

Give me your love
Don't you know that I, I need your love
I need you here in my life, baby, everyday
Baby, please, I'll take good care
I'll take care of your needs
I need you here with me

Lil' Kim
Pretend like we friends
And do our own thing (c'mon)
We can chitty-bang-bang
But let the phone ring (I like this)
From the first night, knew you wasn't true
Ex-girl came through, she said she miss you (uh, huh)
Panties in the bathroom sink, hot pink (hot pink)
What's a girl like me supposed to think? (c'mon)
I'm a Bad Girl (Bad Girl)
You shady? I get shady (shady)
To up your old lady and proposing us to stay still friends

(au Refrain, x3)

1998  "Room 112" © Bad Boy

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