Paroles Part Of 2 de 12 Rods

12 Rods
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  • Chanson: Part Of 2
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Textes et Paroles de Part Of 2

my baby sleeps like she's on ether
she pleasantly pains the chains and leather
'cause she's checkin' out the guys, gazin' at the stars
suffocatin' fireflies in a jar, twinklin'
those cuckoo birds and killer bees
are what have brought me to my knees

'cause i've been lapped by my losing streak
and i'm going for the gold

one asked, "can you spare some cotter me brother?"
i broke his neck and stole his needles
'cause i got my mind on my money, money on my mind
love's like a gag in your grab bag, lover
i'm your spectator sport-o, blockin' your view
won't buy your right to life 'cause baby i'm a jew

'cause if you're packing heat for christ
then i'm kicking ass for god

who wears the crown
who wears the crown
who wears the crown
is going, yeah he's going

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