Paroles Stella de 12 Rods

12 Rods
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  • Artiste: 12 Rods19026
  • Chanson: Stella
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Textes et Paroles de Stella

i wish I could just give you
everything you need but take
my dignity from me won't make it better

i know we're numb
too bad it has to be this way
'cause I'd sing a pretty song to you
to make it better

indulge in conversation
you might learn a lesson
'cause everything you see
could one day ever cease to be
indulge in happy thoughts
it could lead to happy endings
i know it's true

nothing is so kind to let you realize
that one day you and I could settle down
and get better

waste your time on me and steal everything
from me you'd steal everything from me
to get better

come on over
make it tonight
pull up a chair
shall we salk of honest rapture
don't think too hard
but don't relax your mind
you know what you'd like to say
and I know what you need

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