Paroles See You At The Lights de 1990s

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  • Artiste: 1990s17392
  • Chanson: See You At The Lights
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Textes et Paroles de See You At The Lights

Barababababarabababa …

Hey! It's gonna snow tonight
I know, I will be liking it
So let's go, let's go!
Step out of the house
Step into the white
Put on that dress tonight
The one your mom don't like

I'll see you at the lights
Barababababarabababa …

Hey! I saw your photograph
Oh no. Did it make you laugh?
I said no! Oh no!
Street lights too bright
Give me some now
Give me something to do,
with somebody like you
we could be in the sky

I'll see you at the lights

Hey I'm deep inside of me
No lights on my Christmas tree
I said no! That's not a bar.
Get out, to a bar
get out like a blonde gets out of a car

How right you are!
you are my guardian
you are my boogaloo
You wear my favourite shoes

I see the light in you (Bababababarababa….)
I see the light in you

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