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1st Lady
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  • Artiste: 1st Lady8088
  • Chanson: One Life, One Love
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Textes et Paroles de One Life, One Love

I remember the first the day, me and you first laid,
eyes on each other made me feel so special
like i had a angel holding me and wouldn't let go
so as i let go my heart, the one you had from the start
the one i know you wont tare apart, or leave in the dark
your like a spark, you seem to light up my days
everytime you smile i know theres happiness heading my way
at night i lay in bed and i stare at the stars
see the similarity in your eyes, and wonder where you are
but then i know the place you'll always be is my heart
which you'll never ever part, since you made your mark
if i could i'd give the world only to you
because the feelings i have are so true, so boo
coress my life with your heart, mind, and soul
promise me that you'll never let go, once you get a hold
cuz i wont i'm telling you this now
that im yours forever and i'll always be around
when your down, when you frown, bong solang da moi
( I only love one and that's you )
rol jewit bong joi owne sabai jet so owne gom proi
( and all my life, I'll help you be happy so baby don't worry )

2nd Verse: MC Ryuu - Viet

Understand, i wanna call you my baby/
Cuz I wanna look at you, girl u make my mind crazy/
I wanna make you mine ta love as my wife/
Cuz you're worth givin' my one love in a life/
You can ask anything of me, I'll be glad to/
And there's no heaven on Earth if it don't have you/
Epitome of da perfect girl, I wanna hug you/
A role model for my kids ta look up to/
Cuz with all my heart, u know that I love you/
and nothing in my life could ever stand above you/
We could take da world in a life/
I only like one type of girl, and you're the only girl in that type/
Cong em, Tinh yeu cho Em, Em khong biet may/
(And you girl, My love for you, you don't know)
Nghi den em moi ngay, voi la hom nay/
(I think of you everyday, and today)
Tai vi Anh muon hom em, voi la om em/
(Because I want to kiss you, and hug you)
Anh khong bao gio muon di xa em o moi dem/
(I don't ever want to leave you any night)

3rd verse: (1st Half) MCRyuu

And if you hold me tight, things will not get rough/
cuz I could say the word love, but it's not enough/
Understand, We could go over da lands/
cuz I'm da luckiest man when u holdin' ma hand/
Fo real, Em khong biet ngay truoc minh gap nhau/
(You don't know, first day I met you)
Anh muon kiem de chi nha cua em dau/
(I wanted to find your address)
Cong ki em da tui, em xe khong xau/
(And when you're old, You won't be ugly)
Minh xe thuong nhau, Tinh yeu cho em o trong mau/
(We'll love each other, My love for you is in my blood)

(2nd Half : MC Epikz)

no Gabai owne moi je wit bong jon no
(by your side is where I wanna stay)
gom proi owne galayne tnaigh bong mein doh
( don't worry no where far all i go)
bong sbot tah rol yop high tnigh
( i swear that from night to day)
no jet rol chanai, bong no knee tvev de owne sabai
(close or far, I'll be there to make you smile)
mowpee bey bong know gabai jetowne
(because i know when im next to you)
bong dung dah preigh no luh muh yung
(the heavens above is watchin over us)
bey owne claight gom tleith tuk tmaigh rol yum
( so when your scared, don't shed a tear or cry)
mowbe bong, srolang ping behdoang pun keyom
( cuz I, love you with all of my heart )

(Thanks to haruuu for these lyrics)

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