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Textes et Paroles de Greatest Story Ever Told

When I was a child
I heard a great story
Of kingdoms and empires
And prophets of old
Of heroes and martyrs
Who died for their cause
And through every chapter
The story was told
Of redemption and love
Sometimes written in red
Headed right to the heart
Of every woman and man

And down through the ages
Again and again
It's the greatest story ever told
Straight from the pages
From beginning to end
It's the greatest story ever told
Wise could never begin to explain
The measure of grace
This wonderous book holds
It's more than a fable
Or and old fairy tale
It's the greatest, greatest story ever told

For thousands of years
This pearl of great wisdom
Has weathered through changes
And lasted through wars
Many a doubter
Has risen and fallen
Built the story had never once
Abandoned it's course
For the author still speaks
To the listening one
Through the voices of men
And through the pages
The pages of love


This world that we live in could never contain
The wealth of compassion
This wondrous book holds
It's more than a fable or an old fairy tale
It's the greatest, greatest story ever told

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