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  • Chanson: Latchkey Kid
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Textes et Paroles de Latchkey Kid

we've been placed in a mold all our lives by our teachers
the things we should be like
set to explode to the norms of society
the ones who can't break free
our future looks as bright as the dying light
coming from a homeless person's can
i don't be a latchkey kid
looking in the holes that i've slipped through

is this a world where no one cares
'cause nothing seems to matter anyway
does hurting people really justify their right for being right?

so hard to turn this tv off inside my head
when all i think about is the things that i never did
i'm just looking for a good time, my time, our time
when i can be myself again.
without a clue, without good news
without someone telling me just what to do
i think i can tell the difference between right and wrong

justify the right for being right (8x)

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