Paroles Under Fire de 540

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  • Artiste: 54019257
  • Chanson: Under Fire
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Textes et Paroles de Under Fire

we poured our heart and souls
into the promised land
streets of gold
they say give your all to me
and you'll be saved
but where does it go
the blood of our man
someone else's war
it leaves me ripping and screaming down to my core

we payed for racist biased cops
that are doing their best
but making things worse
sounds like a jagged excuse for power
power misused
what i've seen on the news the other day
another kid shot down
from a bullet gone astray
it leaves me ripping and screaming down to my core

this world is going to hell and
no one seems give a damn
but something needs to change
and even if i die
i want to say that i've tried
to make this a better life

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