Paroles Cold Cold Night de 77s

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  • Chanson: Cold Cold Night
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Textes et Paroles de Cold Cold Night

Well it's raining
And I'm out on the ledge
Why'd you have to do it?
Throw me out
Leave me right out on the edge
Why'd you do that to me?
I wouldn't do that to you, no
'Cuz I believe in love, baby
And I thought that you did too

There's things in this world
That a man can't take
He can handle a heartthrob or a heartburn
But no way could he tolerate a heartache
You left a big one, baby
Deep down in the soul of me
Left me right in chains, baby
Chains and fetters all for your will to be free

Cold night
It was a cold night
Why'd you have to leave me
On such a cold cold night?
Cold night
It was a dog cold night
Can you come back and warm me, baby
On that cold night?

A man has his pride
I could swallow it right up
For a moment of your tender touch
Or a lifetime of your love
A man has his principles, baby
His honor to defend
I'll honor you more
Than in principle now
On that you can depend

So go on and leave me
In the cold night
I'll keep that love fire burning, baby
'Till you decide to put it right
I'll stand here alone
'Till one and one becomes two
You're the only one I ever wanted
For your love I'll hold true

Cold night
It was a cold night
Come back and warm me, baby
On this ice cold night
Don't leave me alone
Come on home

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