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A Band Called Bert
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  • Chanson: X Factor Is Shite
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Textes et Paroles de X Factor Is Shite

every saturday and sunday night
you know i watch a load of shite
i could be out i could be working
why's louis walsh always smirking
i'd rather have a twisted bowel
than sell my soul to simon cowell
can't take it no more, i'm gonna explode
i wanna go to bed with dannii minogue

the judges earn so much and you know it's true
nothing makes 'em laugh like a low iq
can this show get any more dreary
oh fuck me it's dermot o leary
if you sing like a bird but look like a minger
then there ain't no chance of you being a winner
it can make you wish that you'd never been born
like a one night stand with sharon osbourne

the winner's announced, just some other gimp
take a look at the grinning chimp
they wanna hang out with cheryl cole
yet two months later they're back on the dole
don't take it so hard cos you're not to blame
when even you're mum don't remember your name
you've had your turn now it's time to piss off
with old cowell's face still stuck in the trough

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