Paroles Bring Out Your Dead de A Band Of Orcs

A Band Of Orcs
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  • Artiste: A Band Of Orcs40344
  • Chanson: Bring Out Your Dead
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Textes et Paroles de Bring Out Your Dead

Tear out your brains
Living fantasy
Skulls on my wall
Adorning the bedroom walls
All of that hate inside
A Weapon to deploy
I hunt in the night
In shadows I hide and wait
All of my deepest fantasies in one night coming true
Bring out your dead
Bring them to me
Rotting flesh of corpses
Captured souls!
Instinct to kill or be killed
Fulfilling my selfish will
Searching for a fix all night
Addicted to the flesh I seek out the weak and outcast
They drop to their knees and beg
They pray for a painless death
The one they'll never get
To be cast away
To the pits of hell
Never to be found
Destiny awaits
Buried under ground
Never to be found

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