Paroles 1000 Times Goodbye de A Bird A Sparrow

A Bird A Sparrow
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  • Artiste: A Bird A Sparrow32224
  • Chanson: 1000 Times Goodbye
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Textes et Paroles de 1000 Times Goodbye

Find me a place to go
Bury my head and hide me from this world
How did it get this way?
What kind of mess are we in for?
Is this what you wanted, or needed?

Seize the day
As the sky falls
The leaves wither away
Tomorrows wasted
And we have no one but ourselves to blame
Yet we dont have the hearts to take the claim

Let us pray
Let the angels carry me away
They point the fingers that lead in circles
And we've filled ourselves with this guilt
Its enough to keep me awake

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