Paroles An Awakening Of Revenants de A Black Rose Burial

A Black Rose Burial
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  • Artiste: A Black Rose Burial15395
  • Chanson: An Awakening Of Revenants
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Textes et Paroles de An Awakening Of Revenants

kneel down
in frantic prayer
the sudden stench of sulfur consumes the
waves of
the cursed
harlot evil plants it's seed in-
side of
her womb
an archean system shifts toward apocalypse
a leader betrayed by
false armistice
when the ascension circles near the
sapien assembly line
awaken malicious race
perishing the seven
acts of devilry
birthing hatred in symmetry
the lamias sing to the
hymn of suffering
deceased mark a trail
beheaded and impaled
our brethren
fall deep in frost
a demonic holocaust
the reproductive tragedy plays it's
hybrids born of condemned souls
when the incantations were uttered
act of lust gifts the world to
suffer! beyond! what one! can endure!
a new!
age of! war has! rid the pure!

(Thanks to Tyler Maraglia for these lyrics)

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