Paroles The Epidemic Of Unexpected Relapses de A Black Rose Burial

A Black Rose Burial
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  • Artiste: A Black Rose Burial15395
  • Chanson: The Epidemic Of Unexpected Relapses
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Textes et Paroles de The Epidemic Of Unexpected Relapses

the blighting masses
of creatures lusting for the taste of flesh
seep slowly
in your chamber of rotting limbs
die quickly
fiendish cannibals deceased live again
this is the act of ones who had possessed normal lives
may these bullets end our lives
before rising from these wounds
our veins collapse under the grey skin
rebuke us and aim for our fucking heads
twitching bastard torsos crawl up
your legs the contorted dead parade
organs on the streets the scene is grim
a feast bathed in red damned and diseased
the bite has numbed my eyes roll to white I desire nothing but blood and bowels you should have fired that shot when you had the chance teeth are moving through the layers
step through hand ripped disembowled butchered bodies
this empire belongs to the fucking dead palaces built from gore YEAH
this empire belongs to the fucking dead palaces built from gore OH
this empire belongs to the fucking dead palaces built from gore YEAH
this empire belongs to the fucking dead palaces built from gore OH!!!

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