Paroles Under The Weeping Moon de A Blind Prophecy

A Blind Prophecy
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  • Artiste: A Blind Prophecy40349
  • Chanson: Under The Weeping Moon
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Textes et Paroles de Under The Weeping Moon

A weak opinion from a weak mind
Your lies bleed right through me
Disguised in innocence
I've carved your name in blood

Again I've been betrayed
I must walk alone
Upon this blackened Earth
And under the weeping moon

Denial of judgment
Stripped of all lies
Breathing in a choke
Under the bleeding skies

Again I've been betrayed
I must walk alone
Upon this blackened earth
Under the weeping moon

Guilty of existence
The night, she calls my name
And in this dying place
The air reeks of vengeance

Again I've been betrayed
I must walk alone
Upon this bleeding earth
Under the weeping moon

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