Paroles Miseries And Miracles de A Blinding Silence

A Blinding Silence
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  • Artiste: A Blinding Silence19404
  • Chanson: Miseries And Miracles
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Textes et Paroles de Miseries And Miracles

and I don't believe in miracles.
a light can only shine for so long
then it fades away
and I'm failing inside
and the shadows my eyes
find are blinding and breaking me.

and I don't believe in miracles
a love can only fight for so long
then it fades away.
even love must expire
and the hurt kills my eyes
it is blinding and breaking me

and I never stop to smell the rose.
the thorns can only sting for so long
then it fades away
even hurt has to die
just the blink of an eye
and I know nothing gold can stay

and I never stop to smell the rose
an ache by any other name
would still kill me the same
i am darkening inside
and this absence of light
it is blinding and breaking me

and I'm fearing that we're on our own
a heart can fight for so long then it tears away
leaving absence of doubt and a soul crying out
that there must be a better way

and I'm looking for a miracle
a life can only fail for so long then it must be saved
a light shining so bright intervening divine
be it blinding

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