Paroles One Fatal Mistake de A Bloody Canvas

A Bloody Canvas
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  • Artiste: A Bloody Canvas19405
  • Chanson: One Fatal Mistake
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Textes et Paroles de One Fatal Mistake

haunted by mistakes I so carelessly made
a past I must now live with
I still recall that rainy december night
a sick attempt at recovering
but now, haunted by your sillhouette
I dont think I'll ever forget
the sounds of you screaming
oh my god, Please say I'm dreaming
how could this happen to me?
I opened my eyes and saw you lying there
my hands shaking, you're heart breaking
now your lying in a pool of your love for me
the sunset calls the dark skies to carry you home
my love lays lifeless underneath the stars
by the work of my hands, she cries constantly
constantly awaiting her final breath
the breath that will rip her from my life
my heart and yours, entwined at last
what a sick attempt at recovering from the past
the sounds of you screaming
oh my god, Please say I'm dreaming
how could this happen to me?
I'l whisper a quiet apology
I hope to god this sets me free
between life and death, I'll be choosing
this fitting end to the abusing...

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