Paroles Winter's Touch de A Bloody Canvas

A Bloody Canvas
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  • Artiste: A Bloody Canvas19405
  • Chanson: Winter's Touch
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Textes et Paroles de Winter's Touch

Thank you, I don't want to remember
I'd rather not stay here in this New England winter
The snow melts on my face, the lukewarm embrace of summer stays
Like sweat on my forehead, blurring my eyes, blurring my vision
Stinging like salt in the wound
You're alone in your room deciding whether or not to face the weather
Or forget it all together
So drive through the storm and have the operation
I can't understand your slight hesitation
But we need this; we need this, so much
Cut me out of your life, just cut me out now
It was this time December of last year, we lay entwined in each others arms
Well I wish I never had learned your name, to say it so painfully

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