Paroles Cosmetic Abomination de A Breath Before Surfacing

A Breath Before Surfacing
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  • Artiste: A Breath Before Surfacing40537
  • Chanson: Cosmetic Abomination
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Textes et Paroles de Cosmetic Abomination

I am undone, quite literally
Now what have I become?
Incognito no more, some scars cannot be concealed
This operation is a complete bust
I put back whatever has been removed and sew myself up
I need a second opinion
This abandoned hospital is my dominion
Cosmetic surgery, apathetic perjury
With these tools I'm free
I can't afford to be ugly
The sound of flat lining is like music to my ears
For once their grasp on life releases
A cold body rife with pieces for the taking
If the skin fits, wear it
My hands now shaking
As you see I have erected my anatomy with care
A perfect visage I seek
Each piece was hand selected, no expense could be spared
You can't put a price on beauty

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