Paroles Disharmony Among Choirs de A Breath Before Surfacing

A Breath Before Surfacing
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  • Artiste: A Breath Before Surfacing40537
  • Chanson: Disharmony Among Choirs
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Textes et Paroles de Disharmony Among Choirs

It's enough to make me want to scream
What kind of person would listen to something so hateful?
It's become more than just music
It's a motive to kill
If it hasn't taken control yet it surely will
The blood will spill
Too many blast beats have rattled loose my brain
Every time I hear a fucking break down it drives me insane
Don't look so surprised
I see the desperation in their eyes
Legions of murderers await
No one is safe
The West Memphis Three ain't got nothing on me
I'm blowing more minds than Stained Class and Suicide Solution combined with Columbine
It's not insensitive if it's satire
I'm holding back, but not anymore
I make Ozzy and Priest look like Potsie and Screech
How's that for ruthless?
So come with me I will introduce you to a life of depravity in time
I'm not a bad guy but don't mistake my kindness for weakness
I wear my heart on my sleeve except all my shirts are sleeveless
I'm sorry you just don't understand but this is not for you
We've readied our axes within our clenching hands
Now we begin our aural assault
Society is doomed

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