Paroles Looking Into The Sun Without Going Blind de A Breath Before Surfacing

A Breath Before Surfacing
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  • Artiste: A Breath Before Surfacing40537
  • Chanson: Looking Into The Sun Without Going Blind
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Textes et Paroles de Looking Into The Sun Without Going Blind

She is pious in every way
When learned her passions
Forbidden they will say
Her morbid lust consumes her every thought
You seductress of the dead
The end is the beginning of this beast
As she's pulling back the sheet, she's a macabre masterpiece
And for the first time she opens up
A skeleton removed
Out of her closet, into her bed
She'll never love me, she'll never love me til I'm dead
And so I take this final breath
The noose grips tight around my neck
I'm slowly moving towards the light
To her I offer my life
So that she may dance on my grave
Her ritual resounds
As I'm going, she is cumming
Our simultaneous release lets our love ring true
She's made the preparations, a silence preserved
In this I can truly feel her angst
Tired of being alone, accustomed to hurt
Witness her greatest deceit
An empty casket in the dirt
Those eyes now haunt my afterlife
Twisted it pains my bones to no end
Our time together not in vain
This love oblique we extend death
Mortality is but a bar on that which makes us who we are
I lie in wait for your return a pale blue tint to my face
So many secrets within this house
Forever clouded in incense
Now I dream of explosions in black
Fade out as we wither away
Her crooked smile stained with sin
A veil of black shrouding her face
Embalming fluid fills her room
To ensure I'll never be replaced J

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