Paroles Leave Nothing Behind de A Breath Beyond Broken

A Breath Beyond Broken
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  • Chanson: Leave Nothing Behind
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Textes et Paroles de Leave Nothing Behind

I am in a world where I decide; I decide what's right
But if there ever was a way, for you to fix all my mistakes
It's all I'd ever want
And you were so proud; I was one step away from home
And you spoke so loud, I almost believed in you
But I never believed in anyone at all
Roads in life, we divide, we die
And I walk down this beaten path
As an asymptote of loneliness
I have taken my heart with me
I weaved my way through hell for you
Painted fiction with a brush that seemed so true
But those weak lines, they show a decay that has come with time
And there are places in my heart that I can't reach
But you've dwelled for so long that if you leave
That lifted weight will haunt my bones until I die
So leave nothing behind, leave nothing behind
And suffer for your love until you die
Make no mistakes, bend as your heart breaks
Endure the sun, step back and suffer for your love

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