Paroles Mr. Unfaithful de A.C.T

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  • Artiste: A.C.T10344
  • Chanson: Mr. Unfaithful
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Textes et Paroles de Mr. Unfaithful

Kate, Maybe Not The Brightest One.
Not Intelligent But Fun.
Wonder Where Your Husband Ran?
Well She Could Really Satisfy Your Man!

Ann, Kind Of Intellectual
Beautiful And Very Tall.
Wonder Why Your Phonebill's High?
I Promise She's The Reason Why.

Faithfulness, Not A Chance.
Seven Women, One For Every Day.
Oh, That's A Shame!

Mrs. Unaware, Please, Wake Up And Kick That Husband Out The Door.
He Should Wipe The Floor, That Lump.
Working Late, Business Trips, Traffic Delays.
Lady He's Lying, Don't Stand There And Gaze.
Aim At The Balls And Say: Now Do You Feel OK?
You're A Classic Case For Jerry. Springer.

Sue, She's So Perfect She's So Right.
Found Her On A Hardcore Site.
Wonder Where That Money Went?
On Her I Promise They Were Spent.

Meg, Doesn't Really Say That Much.
Only Thing I Know, She's Dutch.
Guaranty He'll Be Seduced.
I Plastic She's Been Mass-Produced.



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