Paroles Signals On Displays de A Case Of Grenada

A Case Of Grenada
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  • Artiste: A Case Of Grenada41052
  • Chanson: Signals On Displays
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Textes et Paroles de Signals On Displays

Like the liars on TV
in the city and the sea
All set up for your big show makes no difference so let's go
Were together as we grow
Were together as death takes his toll
Save a fucking chance for me. This is perfect it's O.K.
Save a chance for me, after brothers fall you'll walk with me
Killing time, this time makes no sense to me
Hey say will you follow me
We're all in the same part of a game
As fellow partners we will be slain
Get the liars go, go, go
Get the liars go, go
Get up, this life means bleeding for others
This time you're bleeding for nothing

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