Paroles Know One Knows de A Change Of Pace

A Change Of Pace
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  • Artiste: A Change Of Pace7689
  • Chanson: Know One Knows
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Textes et Paroles de Know One Knows

Cut me open let me bleed for what I've done
Tell me straight faced that I'm the only one
Destroy me, Am I not everything you need?
Don't move and don't breathe
As I take every breath from you
Know one knows what I've done
And as I wait, I'm dying (For you)
Torn up, take me out of this picture frame
Breathe slow, Don't move as I say goodbye
Replace you, Cross my heart I hope you die
Ripped in pieces, you're my perfect tragedy
Cut me, Breathe slow
Break me, Tell me as I die for you...

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