Paroles What Do You Want Me To Do, Sign Your Freakin' Yearbook? de A Day In Black And White

A Day In Black And White
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  • Artiste: A Day In Black And White19440
  • Chanson: What Do You Want Me To Do, Sign Your Freakin' Yearbook?
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Textes et Paroles de What Do You Want Me To Do, Sign Your Freakin' Yearbook?

Watch what you say- format limits meaning.
Power radiates from everywhere.
What percent, what percent of scenery changes do we even notice?
With what sense do the smiles we see cover death?
We cannot be bought shows how we can be bought.
We cannot be sold shows how we can be sold.
Bury the past, its only much deeper than the present that's staged for our viewing pleasure.
Every time we plug in, every time we watch these wires connect brains with images to tell a pretty story, and as we all sit numbed with the dramatic music and the bloodless explosions it all seems so unreal.

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