Paroles Black Cobra de A Day Of Pigs

A Day Of Pigs
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  • Artiste: A Day Of Pigs40556
  • Chanson: Black Cobra
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Textes et Paroles de Black Cobra

Coiled in an open lotus

glowing like a worthless god.

scales alive with burning fire.

towering over all our lives.

rats surround his precious throne.

eating breathing never alone.

this cold cold serpent keeps his grasp.

soon he'll take his final gasp.

swarm of flies

all I can see are all of his flaws I'm willing to give nothing at all.

show him to me it's time to fly to kill this cobra and all of his lies.

his wretched body will reek forever.

we took the crown from his head we left him there next to dead.

swarm of flies hurry there leave your young theres plenty to share!!!

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