Paroles Inomminate de A Day Of Pigs

A Day Of Pigs
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  • Artiste: A Day Of Pigs40556
  • Chanson: Inomminate
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Textes et Paroles de Inomminate

Right now, I have this fucking, cancer inside me, this is the reason we're falling apart. Falling inside, this is the part that, leaves me in pain fear and total despair... we have failed, of this world, we have failed... I fear my heart's been crushed in by mankind, roots seep out poison, while worms eat of the earth. Close to dead. This is the sound of, our mother dying, I wish that something could undo god's wrath. This insane, sucking her dry, these spades we carry are breaking her back... I fear my heart's been, crushed in by mankind, roots seep out poison, while worms eat of the earth. What do you think of this world where, where you live think of nothing less bring the deadworld land for the kids of man... this is the home left for the hopeless young

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