Paroles Forever Torment de A Dead God...

A Dead God...
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  • Artiste: A Dead God...40562
  • Chanson: Forever Torment
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Textes et Paroles de Forever Torment

Three thousand years in the dark:
An empty palace of sadness.
Oblivion, Armegeddon?
Stuck in my world of insanity.
Am I the last living creature?
Am I stuck in purgatory now?
I don't understand the purpose,
My life was only to live for thee my lord!

You are a tyrant, betrayer
Of lies and pure destruction.
I denounce you creator of anguish
You've done nothing for me, false bastard king.

There is no Satan or unholy Lucifer.
It is you who brings us hatred and great despair.
You created this world to torment all living beings
and laugh at our blood and tears, you mother fucker!

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