Paroles Break The Fall de A Dead Motion

A Dead Motion
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  • Chanson: Break The Fall
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Textes et Paroles de Break The Fall

Burn it down
Can you forget my name tonight?
Cause I'll forget your name tonight
You fucking whore

This is now what you can
What you can call your face
Embrace your fall

Traitors are now inside
The line is now way too far
Faceless, the face of your faith is fake
You've been the one fooled

As sun comes down
I deserve the shame for giving up

These words won't bare shame
Another day will come and you will face the truth

You won't drag me down

You're so, you're so perfect
With your picture perfect
You're so much, you're so much better

This is the end

Break the fall
Bitch you won't hold me down
Break the fall
Bitch you won't hold me down
Break the fall
Betrayal won't hold me down
Break the fall

Another day will come and you and you will face the truth
No we won't fall
And after all we said no we won't fall another time
And you will face the truth

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