Paroles Fireflies de A Denver Mile

A Denver Mile
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  • Artiste: A Denver Mile31086
  • Chanson: Fireflies
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Textes et Paroles de Fireflies

First full moonSummer comes, it took so long...The fields are greenLie and wait for me to runAnd fall to the groundJust see those starsSee the trees bend down to catch you onIt's a strange night, blue sky's aliveAnd if you're coming out tonightSee the waves of dancing firefliesSee the way we end these sullen summer nightsA winter sky opens up and pours outWhite paper on a frozen groundTo still a liePiled with leavesCrack, the coves fade from red to brownThe seasons are dead and goneJust see those starsI feel them looking downStrange how they never fade awayThey never left us in the nightPacked their bags and caught the trainHopped aboard and waved goodbye, "Wish I could stay.""Wish I could..."Just see those stars...I feel you looking downStrange how you never seem to changeNow the liftPassin' our livesTo find our hope, in dark and lightTo find our hope in a starless skyWhen it seems like all is lost, open your eyesOpen your eyes

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