Paroles Liberation Of A Giant de A Different Breed Of Killer

A Different Breed Of Killer
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  • Chanson: Liberation Of A Giant
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Textes et Paroles de Liberation Of A Giant

There will be no resurrection for those who suffer his wrath.
Can we hold him?
Can we hold him here?
Locked up to satisfy the populace.
But you can see it in his eyes.
He knows this has to end.
That he's been here for too long.
He can't be contained by steel.
The irons break at his command.
He can rectification in the dawn.
He waits!
We must tighten our clutch, Or this world will crumble at his feet.
His escape will be the signal to the end of days.
The time has come!
The time has come!
His escape is imminent!

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