Paroles Omega de A Different Breed Of Killer

A Different Breed Of Killer
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  • Chanson: Omega
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Textes et Paroles de Omega

Your distrust in us is the omega.
Seek reference in your action and succumb to what is truth.
This display of harmony and dissonance is the end of all to come.
This will be the end of all.
When does his reign end?
When does this end?
You're filled with smooth spoken denial.
He will bring forth your end.
Your deeds as a worthless wretch will charge the carnage to begin.
The blood of thousands will stain his hands.
His task has been the lifting of this veil.
The revelation at the end of this age is one of hate.
Your deeds as a worthless wretch will charge the carnage to begin.
Your distrust in us will be the end it won't fade it never ends

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