Paroles Jump Jump de Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter
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  • Artiste: Aaron Carter2609
  • Chanson: Jump Jump
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Textes et Paroles de Jump Jump

{Verse 1}
I got a friend and I may just get him
Ready and a push with a mic in my right hand
Move you, groove you
Get something to dance to, if you want to
Step outside, come along, let's ride
Don't listen to the talk, take a walk on the wild side
Thinkin', talkin', clockin', everybody's shockin', and rockin

Cause you know and I know
that we rule the dance floor
If the DJ's too slow-slow
I guess that it's a no-no, no-no
If I say...

Jump jump to say how high
Jump jump to the left to the right
Jump jump and turn around
Jump jump and touch the ground

{Verse 2}
Ain't gonna mix with the latest craze
Everybody's thinking it's just a phase
But they don't about going out, showing out, and hanging out
And don't know the rules about...


Say boomity boom boom, boombastick
Fun fun fun, funtastick
Swing the nation
Cause a sensation
Or good vibration
Somebody, anybody, everybody

Yo, Aaron, where you at, man?

{Chorus x2, fade out}

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