Paroles Sweet Contradiction de Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson
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  • Artiste: Aaron Watson12034
  • Chanson: Sweet Contradiction
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Textes et Paroles de Sweet Contradiction

shes as pure as a sunday morning
just as fun as a saturday night
shes as pretty as a stain glass window
shes always shining like a neon light

when im holding her here in my arms
i feel as if theres nothing i cant do
but just the thought of her leaving me
leaves me helpless and broken in two

my sweet contradiction knows well the chains that bind me
my cure and my addiction is her love and only her love
can set me free

and no i dont understand what did i do to deserve to be her man
shes such an angel so why is she flying so low
so she can love someone like me

repeat chorus

repeat first verse

yeah shes my sweet, shes so sweet
shes my sweet contradiction
that girl is sweet, shes so sweet
shes my sweet contradiction

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