Paroles Pizza: It's Good de Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy.

Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy.
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  • Chanson: Pizza: It's Good
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Textes et Paroles de Pizza: It's Good

Pizza, I'd have to say it's the bestest thing in the world
It tastes so good
It caresses my tastebuds
It soothes my stomach
That slipity jipity cheese
Let it flow down my throat!
And that sauce
He's a cooky character
Mister sauce, what is your game?
Is it baseball?
Batter up! And who's at the plate?
Why it's the crust.
He's got a hell of a bat.
When he's with the sauce, bam! yeah!
You know that's where it's at!
So, yes sir. yes mam.
Pizza: It's good.

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