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Abby Ahmad
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Textes et Paroles de Q & A

I'm sure what I am seeing
Sure as one can be
Without a clear view

Although our time is fleeting
There is no doubt
That I still know you

This love sets the precedent
Yet overflows with hesitance
Yes, we both feel it

Perhaps the best conclusions
Are made by blindly trusting instincts
And mine say

We don't need, need
Need all the answers
Just let this be
Let's take our chances
And see what becomes of
The question

Behold this conversation
As something worth your looking into
This is no interrogation
Just a closer glimpse
At what we've been through

Here we stand at the precipice
Of what is now
And what comes next
Yes, we both fear it
Sometimes the best solutions
Are made by trusting what the heart thinks
And mine say

We don't need (need)
Need all the answers
Just let this be
Let's take our chances and see
What becomes of the question
And the lesson

Would you change it all if you could start again?
Separate lover
From brother, from friend
You need to learn to have faith in
Things you can't see
Find balance in the limbo
Of uncertainty

I don't want your word
Or a guarantee
Just acceptance of a possibility

We don't need (need)
Need all the answers
Just let this be
Can you take your chances on me?

Maybe we can be the exception

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