Paroles G . B . P . de Absentia (Swe)

Absentia (Swe)
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  • Artiste: Absentia (Swe)41448
  • Chanson: G . B . P .
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Textes et Paroles de G . B . P .

I stand alone upon the silent plains of time
blinded by memories and frail emotions.
Beyond old memories and friends all lost
lies the truth.

Shattered hope became my guide
in a fight to end my pain
This day full of sadness
has joyfully changed into fear

Inside, my heart is crying - I flirt with suicide!
Inside my shell, I'm dying - I just want to…

Strange shapes and void afflicts my soul
and cast a shadow to my eye.
A world of fire where smoke seas roll
it's time to say goodbye

Black as thunder clouds
To you I gave my heart
In hope to end my pain
To you I gave my heart
In hope to end my pain

When the sun gives no day
When stars like skies shall be
When heaven and earth pass away
Will you remember me?

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