Paroles First Winter Of Bloodred Snow de Absurd

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  • Artiste: Absurd5323
  • Chanson: First Winter Of Bloodred Snow
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de First Winter Of Bloodred Snow

Silence in the woods
nobody seems to be here
black ice covers the floods
cursed the cound, show no fear

The knives of revenge
are waiting to kill
at darkest night
the blood to spill
enemies are slaughtered, never to be found
their mutilated bodies buried in the winterly ground

See fear in their eyes
thats the reward for your lies
your fuckin hearts I pull to pieces
I love your deathscreams sound
I broke your bones and cracked your heads
the Pagan madness heres around
I eat your guts and soak your blood
the first time it colours the snowy ground

First winter of bloodred snow
victory for us or the grave below
first winter of bloodred snow
join the Pagan killer show!!!

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