Paroles Palace In The Fog de Abyssmal Nocturne

Abyssmal Nocturne
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  • Artiste: Abyssmal Nocturne41707
  • Chanson: Palace In The Fog
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Palace In The Fog

The dawn of a new age of Hades
A cold sense from the nightside
Where darkness has come forth to reveal its chill...!!!

As we pass beyond the night realm
Winds of time blow like the tides...!!!

Conjurations of ancient demons
To rise through the black of night
Appear before me...I command thee to rise...!!!

Summoned through astral powers
Eternal darkness I shall chant
Winds of the abyss...reveal veils unseen
The essence cleansing purity...!!!

I bring forth now the powers of evil...
Come forth now goddess of the night...!!!

The cold of the dark...!!!
Endless vast dimensions...!!!
Black diamond shining star...!!!
Nocturnal starwinds reveal...!!!

The gates unto the abyss unlocked
I call forth the celestial powers of the ancient ones
A sense of the ages through fire
Winds of creation cast through the Abysmal seas...!!!

Within the cold silence of night
Fires ablaze with smoke into the nightside...!!!

Conquering the quest for eternal darkness
Dynasty palace of hate and evil
Drifting away into the night we ride...!!!

In the dark of night's palace...where its cold and dark!

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