Paroles No Show Of Mercy de Acalmbefore

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  • Artiste: Acalmbefore41727
  • Chanson: No Show Of Mercy
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Textes et Paroles de No Show Of Mercy

These are my final words for you.
They shall be painted in your blood.
I dont know where you went, but Im owed my pound of flesh.

Year by year, crimson tears.
Stain what was such an innocent face.

Now you see, where we're heading.
There can be no, there can be...

No, show of mercy no, there is
No show of mercy no, there is...

Nothing left inside, thatd stop me from crushing you entirely. Just dont forget.

No, show of mercy no, there is
No, show of mercy no, there is...

No Show Of Mercy No!

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