Paroles The Silence Goes Nowhere de Acalmbefore

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  • Artiste: Acalmbefore41727
  • Chanson: The Silence Goes Nowhere
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Textes et Paroles de The Silence Goes Nowhere

Look around this is everything, thats left of me.
Once love, was so pure. Now I have become, death.

With dreams of cold hands, she wakes me.
In dreams with a cold heart, she buries me.

For too long, I was searching, for you.

The silence, goes nowhere, when you bleed yourself dry.
A tired man left standing, he's shedding skin.
The silence goes nowhere, when you bleed yourself... when you bleed... the changes, have already begun.
First bloods bin drawn, by callous actions.
My heart shall soon be pure, my heart shall soon be...

Only by the death of pain, can we hope to see this through.
Please remove your burden, from my chest.

A pale ghost once took me atop the hill.
From there, we watched, the horror grow.
The guilt came down like a flood, the sky opened up a brand new hell.

The truth was that you, you left us. Gone without a trace, no love left.
I cant let you go, y'know thats just not me.

Iv become a stranger, to my own life.
Iv become a stranger, alone in the night.

Iv become a watcher, O'mother, Im sorry, for all that Iv done

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