Paroles Enchanté de Ace Holes (The)

Ace Holes (The)
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  • Chanson: Enchanté
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Textes et Paroles de Enchanté

You came along
And you changed everything
When i think about you
Wanna say woah-oh and sing
I dont really under
Stand but i know its good
Cause all the words i said
Somehow you understood

Wanna hold you in my arms
Makes me think things are ok
By ok i mean things really great
Like i all the words i want
But i can not say

Cause you make me sing
A Woah-oh Woah-Oh
Dont know what else to sing
BA Woah-oh Woah-Oh

When you say words i
Listen to what you say
Sometimes i become dumb
Confused at the end of the day
But i see you laugh and smile
At my stupidity
I think your really great
So take me seriously (when i say)

When you hold my hand
I know i dont feel lost
And when i feel the softness of your lips
I dont think of words
To rime with love
S is for the sweetness of your lips i love to kiss
U is for the unexpected love i almost fucked up and missed
Z is for the z words i could say to make you mine
I is for your eyes that make me not so shy
and N is for the notes that i play, when i sing your pritty song
Dont mean do ray or me
Or fa-so-la-de-da
Cause Woah-Ohs
Make better punk rock love songs
Woah Woah...

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