Paroles Lights Out de Aceyalone

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  • Artiste: Aceyalone10389
  • Chanson: Lights Out
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Textes et Paroles de Lights Out

[Chorus: x4]
This is lights out
Pull the pipes out
Watch me (look out!)
No doubt

[Verse 1: Priest]
When we come in man
Come on man
We come off
Airborne, it's the jump off
Is it crazy baby?
It's amazing the way we
Spray pages and blaze haze with Acey
HP, I reinforce it, let the streets endorse it
The horsemen, on four cylinders
Dippin' the slauce and clippin' it off, flippin' off that
Pats ripple and triple, they trippin' off that
It's simple as that cat, back track, since Vincent Price
We been that nice, it's instant right
My instincts like that of an animal being hunted
Out of your element, acapellas hella sick
Mind of an elephant, tellin' you I'll never forget
Pass your development, tellin' you I told y'all
Stomachs get turned to coleslaw, it's so raw, it's culture
[Chorus: x4]
This is lights out
Pull the pipes out
Watch me (look out!)
No doubt

[Verse 2: Sayyid]
I flow with the rivers, giving niggas shivers
Kicking back in slippers, eating chicken livers
A big rig coming at your wig to deliver
'Til the guys zip you, reopen you with scissors
He was on the yellow bricks trying to find the wizard
That blew the blizzard 'til his pivot shifted
Second low as a midget, but still his body lifted
Now relatives just visit
While I kick back laughing like Robin Quivers
You trippers asking the assassin to pass you a ration
Hand you an aspirin, you assin' with a g-string and a mansion
While these themes is campin'
Trampin to dampen your chances of lampin'
With the champions
Bubbling, tumbling, hovering, governing, and prancin'
Why you standing, throwing tantrums
I'm on Virgin Air to France and smokin' with Richard Branson

[Chorus: x4]
This is lights out
Pull the pipes out
Watch me (look out!)
No doubt

[Verse 3: Aceyalone]
Hey, Joe
Where you 'bout to go?
With that gun in your hand
Off to Pakistan?
North Korea, Iraq, see the men attack
Me I got the same idea when I go to combat
Every step I take, every move I make is like, driving in the stake
You can't escape your fate, it's like
Why should I remind you?
We know where to find you
You look over your shoulder when there's no one else behind you
Why should I undermine you
Actually I find you, pretty cool, but unfortunately this contract binds you
Decisions for the council, against you and your household
Lights will be shut down
Soldiers will be cut down
Arrows through the heart we gun, barrels start to spark
Heroes in the dark, not very effective
I know they will all scream out
When the place is cleaned out
But how will they respond when the lights are disconnected?

[Chorus: x4]
This is lights out
Pull the pipes out
Watch me (look out!)
No doubt

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