Paroles The Hunt de Aceyalone

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  • Artiste: Aceyalone10389
  • Chanson: The Hunt
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Textes et Paroles de The Hunt

The hunter and the hunted
They hunt for you they hunt for me
The hunter and the hunted
They hunt for you they hunt for me
The hunter and the hunted
They hunt for her they hunt for him
The hunter and the hunted
They hunt for us they hunt for them

Whenever I'm awake I look, Out
Never know when I'll get took, Out
The hunter likes to sneak behind, You
Waiting just to undermind, You
Any chance he'll get he'll blind, You
Anywhere you go he'll find, You
There really is no other op-tion
Caught up in the new contrap-tion
To get away is the objec-tion
He smells the scent of your attrac-tion
The predatore will get the prey
Pray for your life that you get away
Weigh out the pros and then the cons
Confusion will just lead you on to the slaughter, by the hunter

The hunter and the hunted
They hunt for food they hunt for fun
The hunter and the hunted
They hunt to see the hunted run
The hunter and the hunted
They hunt the strong they hunt the weak
The hunter and the hunted
A friendly game of hide and seek

The hunt is better than the kill, Real
Close your eyes and try to feel, The steal
Cold metal to your grill, Kneel
Wish it was a sleeping pill, Peel
His wig and watch watch his blood spill, Dead
The hunt is better than the kill, They said
The hunt is better than the kill, They said
The hunt is better than the kill,
The hunt us the thrill and the kill is just the reward for the chase
You never get to see his face, You race
You get away but you leave a trace, A Clue
The fox is smarter than the hound, True
That's exactly why they hunt him down, Caught
You hear his little heart pound, Fear
Murder on the battle ground, Dead
The head hunter takes the head
Yeah he was meant to die before he fled, Ha Ha Ha

A good hunter don't hunt for the kill
A good hunter hunts for the hunt
Now that's a perfect hit right there
That's a perfect shot
That's a clean kill right to the heart, See that

The runner running from the gunner
The gunner's gonna, wanna
Kill him when he see em
Done away with
Almost captured one of these days I will master the get away
Got away clean I mean
There's not a way out
I mean, no means, no hide aways, no routes
What's this about the hunt
What's this about the hunter
What's this about the hunted
Now some will hunt to stay alive, and survive
Others hunt to kill a tribe, and divide
You can be on either side, Of Course
Extinction in the hunters eye, no remorse

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