Paroles Fuck Off M.o.d de Active Slaughter

Active Slaughter
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  • Artiste: Active Slaughter19784
  • Chanson: Fuck Off M.o.d
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Textes et Paroles de Fuck Off M.o.d

War veteran returns home,
but his face ain't the one loved ones had known,
burned,scarred, fucking mess,
filthy war machine what do you expect,
total brainwashing that's no suprise
you're a squadie you believe their lies.

I don't respect you Merchant of Death,
Fucking Ministry of Death

Bomber pilot paraded with medals,
some say he does the work of the devil,
yes he's a fucking murderer,
all the bodies bombs dismember,
all the dead children in the rubble,
always the innocent in trouble

Brave Submariner launch a cruise missile,
can you see the face of the child,
that your fucking missiles kill
how do you sleep military sheep,
are you aware of the blood you spill,
missile attack leaves dead, wounded and ill

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