Paroles My Foot In Your Mouth de Active Slaughter

Active Slaughter
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  • Artiste: Active Slaughter19784
  • Chanson: My Foot In Your Mouth
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Textes et Paroles de My Foot In Your Mouth

Another farmer on TV,
Crying about this disease.
The disease that destroys millions,
millions of pounds lets hope it's billions.
While Tony Blair defends this slaughter,
You fucking prick you're out of order.

When are you going to learn your lesson,
You cant mass produce for financial progression.
You inbred selfish murdering scum,
The ALF will have you on the run.
You infected your animals for compensation,
what you deserve is total devastation.

You'll get my foot in your mouth,
I wanna hear you yell

Meat is murder and that's a fact,
We wont give up until we drive you back.
This disease won't be the last,
When one gets you I'll be laughing out my arse.
I hope you change I hope you see,
Next time you eat meat it could be CJD.

The time has come the time to rise up,
Stop the meat industry it's time to disrupt.
These animals deserve total liberation,
And the murderers deserve total extermination.
Support direct action it's the only way,
If you don't do that the murderers will stay.

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