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Active Slaughter
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  • Artiste: Active Slaughter19784
  • Chanson: Phase
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Textes et Paroles de Phase

Going down to the punk rock show
Gotta be at the place to go
Where money's no object for rich kids
Coz mummy & daddy got lots of it.

City banker stock analyst, really anti- capitalist
Well it don't fucking matter anymore
As we're heading for third world war
But before Armageddon, before we go
There's one thing I'd like to know

Was it just a phase we're going through
What does punk rock mean to you

Going down to the punk rock show
Got all the cool accessories to pose
You wonder why I'm looking down my nose
Perhaps I'm no better, want ideology

Not image orientated plastic shit
Keeps those bastards rich
Makes me sick

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